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It all started when…

Simply put, Keller Hotels believe in giving traveler more design, more space to enjoy their long earn holiday.  That’s because we believe that human, connections are what make life worth living. So we come to work every day eager to lavish them on our guests and each other. It’s nice to have that on your daily “to do” list.

Beginning with our start in Los Angeles about 6 years ago, we have a few “firsts” under our belts, too. Today is all that matters

Firsts and Notables:

  • We started renting apartments all over Los Angeles and converting the apartment into real bookable hotel suites, we were not the first apartment hotels, but thanks to our founder ,Indira Keller, were able to offer it with more style and design than our competitor's, all at a great rate.

  • Fast forward today, we have been able to expand to full "brick and mortar" hotels, all with the same concept as the beginning.

  • Most of our properties or under 100 rooms as we want to create a "sense of intimacy" and relaxation for our guest through offering a zen design.

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